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Test your skills, agility, and personal barriers with excitement and fun. We have designed this program to span mature ages with dedicated facilities and activities that will take your vacation to the next level."

Extreme Area

Climb up a free-standing pole with barely anything to grab hold of. Perch yourself 40 feet up with only an 8-inch diameter spot to rest on. Steady yourself as you stand up; the pole sways back and forth as you prepare to take a leap of faith, feeling like your favourite superhero as you lunge for the baton. The Fern Resort Extreme Park has rock climbing walls, high ropes, and low ropes to challenge and excite. Even if heights are not your thing, our low ropes courses are designed to challenge and entertain in various ways.


Zorb is the latest water adventure activity to come to Fern Resort.. Zorbing is another crazy activity to do on your family vacation. Experience the thrill of being a Zorbonaut and cross this amazing adventure off your bucket list. Zobing is scheduled through the boat docks.


Don’t be fooled by Katniss Everdeen or William Tell, archery, hitting he bulls eye is not that easy. But come down during scheduled times and try and hit the target!

Batting Cage

Available through the sports cottage is Fern Resort’s batting cage. Be forewarned, it is harder than you expect and quite a workout.


Fern Resort paintball is paintball for the rest of us with supplied paint, markers, protective headgear and coveralls. Unlike other paintball fields only our guests with our equipment play and so you do not have to be concerned with “Rambo” coming after you. It is all about the fun and Fern supplies 200 rounds of paintballs with an option to purchase more. Must be 13 years or older.


Josh is returning to Fern and this will be his 4th year. Josh is running our EXTREME program and will be there to guide you through all of your summer challenges.

Extreme activities are scheduled in the age approriate programs as well as opportunities for open activities. Look at your daily program for more information and timeing.

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