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Adults Playvillage
0-6 yrs
5-7 yrs
7-9 yrs
10-12 yrs
13-15 yrs

The Fern Resort Playvillage is full of fun and exciting ways for our young energetic guests to be creative and stay active. Sign in and out at your leisure, and our caring staff will make fast friends with the children to ensure they enjoy every minute and look forward to their return to the Playvillage

Playvillage ages 3-6

Wet &Wild Waterslides

What is more summer than running through the sprinkler on the lawn after a long childhood adventure? After running around, discovering every nook and cranny of the playvillage, and having a blast with new-found friends, find new adventures and refreshing fun on one of our wet and wild waterslides.

Honey Bee Express

Hop aboard our tractor-pulled hay wagon with your friends and the playvillage staff. Explore the varied surroundings of the resort via Honey Bee Express with games and songs.

Mini Indy Motorized Jeeps

The best-loved event of our playvillage guests is riding the asphalt track in battery-powered jeeps. Confined within the playvillage, this dedicated track gives future Indy car drivers a safe and fun place to discover the fun of driving.

Pony Rides

Fulfilling a popular childhood dream, the kids can experience privately led pony rides; Robert Southorn brings his beautiful horses to Fern - Parents, don't forget your cameras.

Younger Supervision

Nursery ~ ages 0-2

The Nursery is complete with cribs and many stimulating toys, inside and outside. Leave your cell number or take a resort pager so you can relax without the worry.

Toddlers ~ages 2-3

Toddlers have their own playground with swings, sand box, pedal toys and creative pirate ship. They also have their own daily program to accommodate their high need for activity.


Hi, I’m Kelsey and I am super excited for Summer 2017! I have been working at Fern for 7 years and this is my second year managing. Holly and I have put together a fun-filled program, and I can’t wait to share this summer with you! Every Thursday, we’ll perform our Playvillage dance on stage; then catch me in the Lip Sync show.

Hi, I’m Holly and this summer is going to be the best one yet!! I have been working at Fern for the last 5 years and will be attending Lakehead University for social work. Aside from having a FERNTASTIC time in the Playvillage I enjoy singing the honeybee song and dancing in the Lip Sync show! I am super excited to see all of the returning.

Download the PlayvillageProgram for Summer 2017

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