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We know the importance of “Whatever” to teens and as you would have it, we have some of the best “Whatevers” you can find in one location."

Big Chief Boat Trip

Climb aboard “The Admiral” deck boat with your friends, destined for Horseshoe Bay at Big Chief Island. Bring your music and tanning lotion for an afternoon of boating life. Ride the slide off the boat into the lake and play frisbee and water games in the waist-deep water of the sandy-bottom bay, or just kick back and soak up the sun.

What Ever

With the Teen Cottage dedicated to doing “Whatever” we have the best of hangin' out. Perfect for staging videos, playing games, and chillin’ before heading out to go extreme. BTW the teen cottage is ONLY available to teens.

Water Explosion

It is an afternoon of water fun! Try the Waterslide of the DDD, 55 feet of hill covered in plastic and drenched in water and soap for maximum velocity. The Great Water Balloon Slingshot, a 12 foot high set of poles with the power of 8 bungee cords to launch balloons 150 feet will ensure great refreshing fun.


Born and raised in Brampton, Sean has worked in the Dining Room for the past year and is looking forward to his first fun and exciting summer working with the Teens


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You might even see yourself, as Sean will be posting pictures, statuses, changes to program and fun stuff all summer!

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