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We offer an extensive program composed of a “ferntastic” array of activities. For those on the sporty side, who love the activity, and for those who are creative and passionate for the arts." Here is just a taste of what we have for the Youths programs. Click and download the entire Youth Program below.

Zip Line Challenge

Grab on and hold on tight for your race with your friends across the cable on the zip line challenge and playground adventure. The cargo net playground and zip line are just one of the many fun areas we will be exploring and enjoying through out the summer.

Fishing Derby

Known for fabulous perch fishing, the Fern Resort Boat Docks are home to some of the hungriest fish in Ontario, making it perfect for the young angler. With prizes for the most fish, largest and smallest fish, the real prize is the joy of showing off their catch to the Fern staff just before it is taken off the hook and returned to the lake. We provide the fishing gear and worms.


What is more ingrained in a child’s psyche than climbing, overcoming obstacles, and conquering greater heights? Climb the very top of the rock wall and ring the victory bell for all to hear, and know that you have reached the Fern mountain summit. The Fern Resort Extreme Park has rock climbing walls, high ropes, and low ropes to challenge and excite. Even if heights are not your thing, our low ropes courses are designed to challenge and entertain in various ways.


We know all the Youths are looking forward to hanging out with Gordon this year! Gord has been at Fern for four years and is excited for a summer filled with fun activities like the climbing wall, and pool party.

Follow Gord to stay connected with the Youth Program!
You might even see yourself, as Gord will be posting pictures, statuses, changes to program and fun stuff all summer!

Gord's Fern Resort Facebook Page

Download Youth Program for Summer 2017

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