Summer 2013

Sports Directors are now SOCIAL directors too!

We are continually looking for better ways to keep you relaxed and informed while your family enjoys their time around the property. It is like having your cake and eating it too . . .  you can share in your kids daily activity even better than in previous years and still have quality time for yourself. Just bring your mobile devise to the pool deck and you can receive program information on location details, activity updates and action shots of your family from the directors. If there is a photo or detail you like . . . share with your network of friends and show them how much fun everyone is having. So make sure you have friended your child's sports director and are following their tweets.

Changes to Fern Resort's Smoking Policy

Since 2006, all indoor areas on the resort including accommodation, have been designated as non-smoking areas. However, smoking was permitted on balconies and decks. Beginning June 19th 2013, smoking will no longer be permitted on the balconies and decks of individual rooms and cottages. In addition, certain areas of the resort will be identified as “non-smoking areas”.

We understand that some of our guests smoke. Generally speaking if the individual is seated or in one spot smoking is not permitted unless he or she is in a designated smoking area. Smoking is permitted outside of the non-smoking areas, en route to and from destinations on the property. Newly designated smoking sections are located around the resort if someone wishes to sit and have a cigarette. Areas have been chosen to accommodate guests that are familiar with, or are used to smoking in front of the main inn or in front of Mary Lou’s. Designated Smoking areas are as follows:

To assist in locating areas where smoking is permitted, you will find visible signage posted within all smoking areas and ashtrays are provided for your use in these areas.

Updating & Renovations

Edgewater Cottages
Our beloved Edgewater Cottages, located to offer spectacular views of Lake Couchiching, received some attention this spring. The installation of flat panel TVs and modification of the furniture have created more space in these cozy cottages.

Main Inn
The Main Inn rooms received a refreshing makeover in 2012. This year, to complete the project, the hallway and stairwells were given a bright, complementary look with a lighter colour palette, crown moulding, and new carpeting.

Room 420
Once "Grampa Bertyl's" accommodation in his later years, now plays double duty as a function room for corporate groups and a fabulously large room to accommodate families that are looking for some extra space. This room was not forgotten during the renovations this winter: new carpeting has revitalized this unique space.

Evergreen Villa
This spacious accommodation offers three bedrooms, a living room, dining table, laundry facilities, and two and a half baths, all in a central location. Consequently, it is in great demand from both leisure and corporate guests, making it difficult for us to schedule updates. This spring we found a window of opportunity to treat the common area with new carpeting, window dressings, new colours, and updates to the furniture.

TV Channels
With all the exciting things to experience on property, time in front of the television should be at a minimum; however, we recognize that people do love TV. Beginning this summer, you will see that we have expanded our channel lineup and added three new channels. Please enjoy . . . sparingly!

Roofs … Roofs … Roofs

Each year we give you a report on roofs that have been repaired. Having now done a count of the roofs we have on the resort, I understand why. We have 72 roofs of difference sizes, both peaked and flat. No wonder I have our roofing contractor on speed dial! He almost warrants an invitation to the Downing Christmas dinner!

Get the most from your Summer Vacation

Did you know . . .

  • During dinner, the Playvillage is open and supervised for the younger set, so parents can enjoy a quiet meal!
  • Every accommodation's washroom has a night light and kid's stool.
  • On the rare occasions that we have to change from our regular program to our rainy day program, we can notify you of the switch by exchanging the yellow (regular program) flags posted about the property with blue (rainy day) flags.

This information and other tidbits, including helpful packing hints and downloadable waivers, will be available for you to peruse prior to your stay. We will be sending out an email with this information and more to help guests be prepared and get the most out of their stay with us. If you are joining us this summer, monitor your "In Box" to see our arrival email.

Also Noteworthy …

Terrace Bar
To enjoy the beauty of Lake Couchiching and perhaps a night cap, the Terrace Bar is now open until 9:00 pm.

Wrist Bands
For summer 2012 we introduced wristband identifiers to have easy access to he facilities. We will be continuing to use these again for summer 2013 and we have found softer and more comfortable option.

Booking at the Ski Dock
To ensure that everyone gets a chance to ski or UFO, we have added and clarified requirements when booking timeslots. Each time slot will be booked with an individual and specific run and be billed at time of booking. In addition, booking "Blocks" of timeslots can only be done on one boat to ensure that the additional boat is be available for bookings.

More Zorbs
Wow were the Zorbs a hit last yea!. To accommodate the demand we have purchased more for this year. We have also decided to move these to the beach as to not cause congestion at the boat dock.

Good things Cooking!

We are very excited to present to you our summer menus for 2013. The creativity that went into crafting your summer dining experience started with the almost impossible goal of pleasing everyone's tastes. You will notice a difference, from appetizer to dessert, on our fifteen revitalized menus. Our chefs have been working since last summer to ensure an exciting dining experience: investigating trends, challenging suppliers, and modifying training procedures. Because we know how you love our Prime Rib, Spa Chicken, and Peanut Butter Pie, the challenge was to find new flavours and fresh dishes to entice you into trying something new. And -- the chef needed the tools to deliver, so we have invested in upgrading our food preparation equipment. We want the menu items to look as fabulous as they taste, so expect great presentation as well as new dishes. We look forward to sharing these new delights with you this summer. Of course we will continue to provide menus with specific allergy alerts; and new this year, dedicated gluten-free menus will be available for lunches and dinners. To ensure your dining experience is one of a kind, we have Roxane, Patrina, and Kelsey and their wonderfully personable staff to greet you at each meal in the dining room.

Evening Sports Director

To keep your day full of activity through into the evening, let us introduce you to Connor. He will be your host with the most for our evening programs and entertainment. The management team and Connor have been working together to create fun and exciting enhancements to the evening line-up. Make sure you have saved some energy each evening to enjoy the whole day at Fern.

New Managers – Familiar Faces

Promoting from with-in, we are happy to announce our new managers for summer 2013. In the Playvillage we have Kristen as manager & Vanessa as assistant  manager, Kelsey will be managing in the Dining room with Roxane and Patrina and in Mary Lou’s & Bergwen’s Kyle will be ensuring all your snacks and recreation equipment is ready to enjoy.