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We ‘re really looking forward to your arrival!

A lot of careful preparation has gone into making sure that your stay with us this summer will offer as much as possible of the warm Fern Resort experience that you all look forward to, while ensuring the comfort, safety and wellness of our guests, front-line staff and our community.

To that end, guests and staff are required to follow social distancing guidelines and practice good hygiene, such as frequent hand-washing/sanitizing. Everyone is required to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. If you are feeling sick, please stay home and if you start to feel unwell while staying at Fern, please remain in your room. Please be conscientious of those around and respect the experience of others – a little understanding and hospitality goes a long way to making sure everyone’s experience remains a positive one. We’re all in this together and each of us doing our part will ensure that we all can stay healthy and happy this summer.

Look for the Fern Fresh logo around the Resort. It’s our commitment to the high quality and extra care that go into ensuring that your stay with us is as fun-filled and full of lasting memories as you’ve come to expect and your guide to a safe and healthy vacation experience.

Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of getting away from it all and relaxing by the lake. Although your stay at Fern cannot be exactly the same as in previous years, with the vastness of our beautiful lakeside property, fresh air, abundance of facilities and fun activities, we promise to provide you with a safe and much needed Ferntastic vacation.

Fern Fresh


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Pre-payment Prior to Arrival
In order to reduce lineups at the Front Desk, please call us at 1-800-567-3376, prior to your arrival, to arrange pre-payment of your reservation(s). If you prefer, you may also fill out the Advance Deposit Form on our website with your prepayment information

We accept VISA, MasterCard & American Express.

Room Charges During your Stay
We have implemented a new protocol for room charges. Guests will no longer be handed a paper tab to sign. Instead prior to your arrival, please call us with a credit card you would like to have on file to authorize room charges. If you prefer, you may also fill out the Advance Deposit Form on our website with your prepayment information

When making a charge to your room, our staff will verify your name and room number and give you the total that will be charged.

Wearing Masks

  • As per the directive of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, as well as everyone’s well-being, masks or face coverings are required for all guests ages 5 and older who are indoors in a public space as of July 13, 2020.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask while walking to and from their table in the dining room.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own masks, however Fern Resort does have a limited selection of reusable masks available for sale in the Gift Shop.
  • Guests who have medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask are exempt from this regulation.

Schedule of Housekeeping for Accommodations

  • Fern Resort only uses disinfectants that are approved by Health Canada to effectively control the spread of viruses specifically COVID-19.
  • We’re maintaining our aggressive cleaning protocols and before your arrival, all hard surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with a focus on high touch points i.e.: doorknobs, light switches, remotes, etc.
  • All soft surfaces will be sprayed with an approved aerosol disinfectant.
  • Housekeeping staff will wear masks and a new pair of gloves in each room.
  • To lessen the person to person contact, our housekeeping schedules for your accommodation have been modified. The new schedule will be:
    • 7 day stays – housekeeping will happen on the 2nd and 4th day.
    • 5 day stays – housekeeping will happen on the 3rd day.
    • 4 day stays or less – housekeeping will not enter your room.
  • You can request additional housekeeping prior to arrival. Email us at or call us at 1 800 567-3376.
  • You can request additional towels and additional room amenities once you have checked in and they will be delivered to your room.

Resort Facilities
Most of our extensive recreational facilities and amenities will be available for guests this summer. Here a few things you should know this year.
Guests should use hand sanitizer before and after using the resorts facilities. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the resort.
Ice Machines around the resort will not be available this summer. You can get bagged ice from the front desk.

The Sports Shack
The Sports Shack is open daily from 9:00am-12pm and 1pm-5:00pm.

  • Sign out of equipment such as bikes, golf clubs, tennis & pickle ball equipment and horseshoes is available.
  • All equipment will be sanitized before it is signed out to you.
  • Sports Shack staff will direct you to the sanitizing area when you return equipment.

The Boat Docks
The Boat Docks are open daily from 9:00am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm. At the Boat Docks you can sign out various silent watercraft such as peddle boats, paddle boards, kayaks. You can also enjoy some fishing from the dock.

  • Equipment will be sanitized after each use by the Boat Docks staff.
  • Bring your own life jackets. We will have a limited offering of life jackets.
  • Fishing rods and worms are available and staff available to assist.
  • No fishing cruises until further notice.
  • Sunset Cruises will be offered to a maximum of 2 rooms of people on the boat.

The Ski Docks
The Ski Dock is open daily from 9:00am-12pm and 1pm-5:00pm. Ski Dock offers: Waterskiing, Wakeboarding runs, Contactless lessons as well as some fun rides.

  • Bookings are required and can be made in person at the Ski Dock desk located at the entrance to the Ski Dock.
  • Guests with bookings are required to show up 10 minutes before time.
  • Only guests with a booking allowed on the dock. Traffic flow will be managed by dock staff at the desk. Please follow their instructions.
  • Please bring your own life jacket. We will have limited available this year.
  • Payment at the Ski Dock is by Room Charge only.
  • Swimming from the ski dock is not permitted during hours of operation.
  • Regretfully, there is no Parasailing this year.

Mini Golf

  • Putters and balls will be signed in and out from the Boat Docks.
  • Equipment will be sanitized before it is signed out.


  • Open daily from 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Will be sanitized 2 times daily.
  • Only 1 person per trampoline

Glide Ride and Cargo climbing

  • Remember to social distance and stay 2 metres away from others and follow the lines in the grass to social distance when waiting to use the glide ride.
  • There is a station for self-disinfecting equipment and hand sanitizer in this area.

The Fern 5 Golf Course
The golf course is available for use and does not require a tee time. Guest that require equipment can get it at the Sports Cottage.

  • Golfers must keep the pin in at all times and social distance as you play. There will be a foam ring inside the hole that will allow for the ball to rest in the cup but will allow you to easily pick your ball out of the hole with minimal contact with the flag and cup.
  • Please remember to social distancing while golfing.

Tennis Courts
Tennis courts are available and no reservations for courts are needed. Simple use courts as they are available. Guests that require equipment should see the Sports Cottage.

  • Avoid playing doubles unless your partner is from the same household.
  • Tennis balls will be marked with numbers. Each player should have two balls with the same number – only serve or handle the two balls that are your number.
  • If you need to pass balls back and forth, use the racket or your foot.
  • Avoid touching the net with your hands.

Basketball Court
The basketball courts are available, and the balls are provided at the courts.

  • There is a station for self-disinfecting equipment and hand sanitizer in this area.
  • Play basketball with members of your own household or social distance when playing with others by only playing games that don’t require close contact or using the same ball.

Bocce Ball, Shuffleboard Courts, Giant Chess

  • Equipment in this area will be sanitized 2 times a day.
  • There is a station for self-disinfecting equipment and hand sanitizer in this area.
  • Play with family or social distance if playing with others.
  • Bocce balls should be sanitized before and after use.
  • Do not handle shuffleboard pucks with your hands and move the scoreboard with the cue.
  • Move the chess pieces with your feet.

Fitness Centre

  • The Fitness Centre is open as of July 17 from 8 am to 10pm.
  • Please disinfect fitness equipment before and after use.
  • There is a maximum of 5 people allowed in the Fitness Centre at one time.
  • Unfortunately, the indoor pool is not available at this time.

The Spa at Fern Resort

  • Unfortunately, the Spa will remain closed until further notice.

General Cleaning
All public areas will be cleaned through out the day from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm including benches, sitting areas and the pool deck. Particular attention will be paid to washrooms, high traffic areas and touch points that will be cleaned every two hours.

Activity Directors will be disinfecting equipment used during the programmed activities and have hand sanitizer available at all programmed activities.

Areas that promote “self-use” of equipment will have disinfecting spray and hand sanitizer for guests to use with instructions:

  • Shuffleboard, Bocce Ball, Tennis Gazebo area
  • Mary Lou’s Games Room
  • Glide ride
  • Luggage carts
  • Basketball courts

Indoor dining is available as of July 17, 2020. The Heritage Dining Room has been reconfigured to enable social distancing. As per the directive of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, guests must wear a mask when entering and leaving the Dining Room on their way to and from their table. Children under the age of 5 do not have to wear a mask. Lunch will be served as usual from the BBQ Gazebo, with seating on the pool deck.

Meal Times
Guests may arrive for their meal anytime during the times listed below*.
Breakfast 8am – 9:30am
Lunch 12pm – 1 pm in the BBQ Gazebo
Dinner 6pm – 7pm

*If you are here as part of a business group, please contact your organizer to confirm your meal times.

Other Information

  • Kids’ Early Dinner will be available from 5:30pm to 6:00pm each evening in the Dining Room (please note that this is NOT a buffet).
  • There will be assigned tables for breakfast and dinner. Families will have the same table for the duration of their stay for these two meals.
  • Lunch seating is available on the pool deck and is unassigned.

Kids aged 0 to 6 years
The Nursery and Playvillage will be available from 9:00am – noon, 1:00pm – 4:30pm, 6:00pm – 8:00pm daily.
Playvillage will not be available on Sundays between 12:30 – 6:00pm.

  • Playvillage and Nursery Staff will be wearing masks when they cannot social distance.
  • The Playvillage will be closed from 8:00am-9:00am, 12:00pm-1:00pm, and 4:30pm-6:00pm for daily disinfecting and extra cleaning. Additionally, the facility will be closed from 12:00pm-6:00pm on Sundays.
  • Children must be signed in to use the facility and only children are allowed within the Playvillage area.
  • Children will have their temperature taken as they are being signed in and out as well as apply hand sanitizer.
  • Children will be set up in groups or cohorts at the beginning of each day. Each cohort will have no more than 8 children with 2 Playvillage Directors to supervise play. Cohorts will social distance within the Playvillage from other cohorts.
  • Before each new activity, everyone will wash their hands.
  • The Nursery will disinfected hourly and cribs will be disinfected and bedding changed after each use.
  • Nursery staff will wrap babies in a new blanket when they need to be handled.
  • Children should bring their own water bottles.
  • Children should come dressed in swimwear on water days.
  • There is no evening Hall Sitting this summer. You can book a private evening babysitter through the front desk.

Activity Programs
Juniors (7-9 year olds), Youths (10-12 year olds), Teens (13-17 year olds), Adults (18+) and Family Programs will be offered this summer, throughout the day. Additionally, Junior and Youth evening activities will be available from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

  • Activity Directors will wear masks when they can’t social distance.
  • Activity programs will have a maximum of 9 children per director.
  • All programmed activities will require guests and staff to always be 2 meters apart.
  • Activity directors will disinfect all equipment used in the program before use and they will have hand sanitizer available.

Waiver Completion Prior to Arrival

  • Waivers are required for certain activities. Visit to complete waivers for any activities you may want to participate in.
  • Please print, sign and email your waivers to or fax to 705-327-5647.

On-line versions of programs, menus & sign up forms

  • We have moved our printed materials online and once on property, you will be able to access the weekly activities program and dining room menus from your mobile device.
  • Signing up for activities can also be done by calling the Front Desk directly.

Extreme Area
We will have specific elements available this summer. Extreme area elements are used in the daily activities program.

  • Climbing Wall, Vertical Playground, the 35’ teeter totter are all available within the schedule of activities.
  • Harnesses and ropes will be sanitized daily.
  • Helmets will be sanitized after each use.
  • The Log Drivers Waltz element and Low Ropes course will not be available this summer.

Outdoor Pools & Pool Deck
The Pool Deck is open this summer with a few modifications:

  • The two outdoor pools will be open from 9:30am until 9:30pm daily.
  • Hot Tubs and Sauna will be closed until further notice.
  • Tables, chairs and pool deck furniture will be sanitized every 2 hours.
  • Tables will be distanced apart from each other and we ask that they not be moved.
  • Lounge chairs are required to be 2 metres away from non-family members.
  • Limited of 2 lounge chairs per family/room on the pool deck please.
  • Lounge chairs are now available in different areas around the resort: Beach area, Bay side of the Hearthside Inn, Waterfront below the Terrace Bar.
  • Pool towels – guests are allotted 2 towels per person, per day. Towels are signed out from the front desk and returned to the used towel bin on the pool deck.

Terrace Bar
The Terrace Bar will be open daily from 11:00am to 10:00pm.

  • Guests can order drinks at the Terrace bar and they will be delivered to your location on the pool deck.
  • No seating around the Terrace Bar at this time.

Mary Lou’s
The Club will be available for guests to use as a recreational area. Billiards, ping pong tables and video games are available. The Snack Bar is open from 9:30am until 11:00pm daily serving take-away non-alcoholic drinks and confectionery items.

  • Tables and chairs will be distanced. Please do not move tables together.
  • There is a station for self-disinfecting equipment and hand sanitizer in this area.
  • Mary Lou’s Bar will be open as of July 17, 2020 nightly from 7:45pm until midnight.

The Beach

  • The beach area is available with additional lounge chairs for guests.
  • There will be no beach toys provided. Please bring your own.
  • There is no lifeguard on the beach area.

Afternoon and Evening Entertainment

  • Afternoon Entertainment will take place at the outdoor Amphitheatre.
  • The evening entertainment lineup includes an outdoor Dive-In Movie on the Pool Deck as well as live performances in Bergwen’s Theatre.
  • Live indoor performances are limited to 50 guests per event. Guests will need to contact the Front Desk to reserve their seat for the performance.
  • We’ll be lighting bonfires around the resort each night of the week for our guests to enjoy the quintessential summer cottage country experience.

Meeting Rooms

  • We ask that you wear a mask in and out of the meeting room and only take it off when you are seated in the meeting room and socially distanced.
  • We have enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place in all meeting rooms, especially on high touch points like coffee spigots, tables, doors and AV equipment. Meeting rooms are cleaned after set up, at lunch and at the end of the day.
  • Each meeting room has a hand-washing sink and/or hand sanitizer, as well as a Sanitizing Station for sanitizing equipment.
  • Meeting rooms are set up with one person per cabaret or 8-foot table ensuring a minimum of 6 feet between people.
  • Complimentary pens and note pads are kept at the back of room instead of at each setting.
  • Rooms are setup with assigned seating. Otherwise, table linens will not be installed to facilitate sanitizing between sittings.
  • Dining Room seating has been modified to increase spacing between tables while keeping people in their household/social bubbles. Delegates not sitting in a social bubble will be seated two to a table with a clear divider in between so they are still able to connect with their colleagues.
  • Fern Resort collects contact tracing information.
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