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I can not say enough about the quality of the food available at Fern! We had 315 people at our last conference which was definitely maxing out the available space available at Fern but the exceptional quality and service was not affected at all. I am always amazed at how smooth things run at Fern.

Everything went very well. The facilities were great. We were very pleased with the food and the service. Staff were very friendly, fun and helpful. We loved the box lunches, especially the butter tarts! It’s a lovely venue. We were very impressed with Fern.

Food, accommodation, entertainment, customer service, cleaning staff, all exceptional…Jennifer, Sarah & Stefanie, we thank you for your thoughtfulness, great ideas and outstanding organizational abilities. We all have so many new memories etched in our minds and we will be talking about this event for many years to come. Congratulations to your amazing team and thank you from ours.

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