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About Fern

Fern Resort has been growing since it began in 1895. Celebrating 129 years, the Fern Resort experience is about enjoying yourself the way you did when you walked through mud puddles in bare feet as a child. Fern sets an atmosphere that allows the guests to be true to themselves. Fern Class provides a world-class experience that is not stuffy but based on a set of values that are geared towards fun and entertainment.

As staff of Fern Resort, you will be a major part of this atmosphere, providing Fern Class service and ensuring every point of contact with the guest is done so in a fun and upbeat manner that reflects the Fern Resort values. Comfortable. Friendly. Fun. High-Quality. Safe. Professional. Clean.

About the Role


Reporting to the Head Lifeguard, the Lifeguard is responsible for ensuring the safety of the guests while in and about the pool area, and to maintain the upkeep of the pools and their surroundings.


  • Always being aware of what is going on in the pools and on the pool decks. Being aware is accomplished by sitting on guard chairs provided, not talking to each other or guests and NEVER reading.
  • To vacuum and clean/scrub the pools and empty the filter daily.
  • Clean the pool deck and straighten the chairs.
  • To be available for swimming lessons when required by the guests.
  • To conduct pool aerobics with the guests once per day.
  • To ensure the first aid kit is stocked at all times.
  • To make sure the pools are tested, and the results are recorded as per Ministry of Health Specifications.

Job Specification:

  • Must possess an NLS Certificate.
  • Must have an up-to-date first aid certificate.
  • To be alert at all times, and punctual.
  • May be required to work elsewhere on property if needed.

Fern Resort is an equal opportunity employer. Job plans for accessibility accommodation will be created when needed. Please submit resumes and cover letters to with the subject line Lifeguard.


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